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Staff App-FrostCX
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4th Mar 2014




Rank you want:Mod but I like admin for the big shot I know I just join but hope this app can make me a admin.

Reason:Well I want to be a admin because I am a helpful guy to
 any server that is new.  Why not get a shot being staff on this server because this server has a lot of people and I thought I could make it more poplar than ever before.

Experience (other servers, plugins, etc):  Yes I have experience I been staff for the past few yrs like 2-3 yrs and I been learning the plugins like world guard,world edit and essentials.  I been staff more than 10 times and I made a enjin website.

Why should we accept you:?  Well I am trustworthy,respectful and nice to staffs and players.  I do not abuse my staff powers I am a mature guy and I do not do like griefing or trolling to anyone.  I am responsible and I will try to be on everyday and try to be home soon as possible to play on your server.  

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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